The Fidelis Model is a teaching and learning framework for Christian schools which sets the breadth, depth and direction of a school’s education. It unites and coordinates all aspects of a student’s learning – both inside and outside the classroom.

The Fidelis Model is student-focused, based upon current research and the strategies of best educational practice. It facilitates broad, enriching and holistic educational programs for students across the entire school, and it is fully compatible with the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies and the new Australian Curriculum.

The Fidelis Model was devised by senior staff at Meriden, an Anglican School for Girls in Sydney. It is endorsed by the Anglican Education Commission and is available as a framework for eligible schools to adopt within their own particular context. The delivery of The Fidelis Model to eligible schools is a joint project between the Anglican Education Commission and Meriden.

The Fidelis Model is the property of Meriden School. Copyright and trademark restrictions apply.